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What Kind of Maintenance Does a Central Air Conditioner Need?

Maintenance services are essential for enhancing the service life of an HVAC system. You might think spending money on maintenance and tune-up service is isn’t needed, but it saves you from future replacement or AC repair in Louisville.

C and L Heating and Cooling Experts will tell you what happens in maintenance service. 

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What are the Steps that a Technician Follows During an AC Maintenance Service?

Here are the following steps that a technician adheres to during an air conditioning repair in Louisville:

  • Check the four essential components of an AC system- evaporator, condenser, and condenser coils.
  • Survey the performance of the blower motor, fan, and compressor. After ensuring there are no issues in the component, the technician will give oiling to AC parts for smooth movement without any friction.
  • Examine the refrigerant level and any holes in the refrigerant lines that can cause leakage problems.
  • Ensure the electrical board, wirings, and readings are appropriate.
  • Clean the coils and air filters to remove the blockage from the airflow.
  • Look at the duct system and insulation covering for flaws or voids that can cause inefficiency problems.
  • Measure and test the thermostat for accurate functioning.

What are Components that need Timely Maintenance?

Air Filters

Air filters are necessary equipment for any HVAC system. Air filters’ responsibility is to purify the air and keep all the dust, dirt, germs, and other pollutants out of the house. It accumulates dust as all these pollutant particles get collected over time. This accumulation blocks the air passage and leads to ineffective and inefficient services. 

Moreover, the air filters’ capability to keep out the germs decreases as the filter is jammed with dirt and dust. Hence, the pollutants easily escape the filter and enter the house. It affects the family members’ health and wellness. 

• Air Conditioning Coils

There are two coils in an AC system: evaporator and condenser coils. Both coils collect dirt over years of service. They play an essential role as the processed air travels through these coils to provide cooling. The capacity of absorption of the coils decreases due to dust particles.

Sometimes debris from the outdoors gets inside the AC and gets stuck in the coils. That’s why it is recommended to install the outdoor unit in areas where there are no flammable objects, grass, or debris that can easily get inside the unit. 

• Coil Fins

There are numerous coil fins in the condenser coil. They are very soft and delicate. Coil fins can also collect all the dust from the outside environment. And AC installation in Louisville suggest using a soft bristle brush to clean the fins and remove dust from them effectively. 

• Condensate Drains

Water leakage problems start with blocked and clogged condensate drains. The condensate drain is part of the process where the AC reduces the humidity from the air, and excess moisture is passed through the condensate drain away from the house. A timely check is necessary to keep the drain lines clean and clear. 

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