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What Happens If AC Fuse Is Blown?

A blown AC fuse can be a major inconvenience if you reside in a region with hot, humid weather. The good news is; it is a simple fix if it does occur. But what if it continues to happen? If the issue still persists, it is time to consider alternative causes.

AC Fuse Is Blown

Causes Of Your AC Fuse Blowing

  • Clogged filter: Your air conditioner may constantly be under strain if your filter is unclean. The system may experience increased pressure, overheat, and ultimately trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse. You can contact a professional for ductless service in Louisville.
  • Defective capacitor: A bad capacitor in your air conditioner will let too much current go through and continually blow fuses. Identifying a capacitor issue may be challenging if you don’t have any prior knowledge of electrical connections. You must have an AC replacement in Louisville specialist inspect it.
  • Faulty or loose cables: A short that blows a fuse might be brought on by loose or partially exposed cables in your air conditioner or circuit box. The wires may also contract and extend due to temperature variations. You can sometimes resolve the issue by repositioning the wires with more force. 
  • Low refrigerant: If the refrigerant level in your air conditioner is low, it will have to work more to keep the building at the desired temperature. This additional labor by the system may result in an overload that trips a breaker or blows a fuse. So long as the refrigerant level is off, the air conditioner will continue to blow fuses. Call an AC replacement in Louisville professional to look at your unit and top it off if it is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  • Low-capacity fuse: Fuses come in various voltages and ratings that show how much electricity they can handle. Your new AC fuse may blow with a lesser capacity because it cannot support the unit’s load and the circuit’s intensity. They will keep blowing if you keep using the same low-capacity fuse until you switch to one with a more excellent rating.

How To Prevent Fuses From Blowing?

  • Maintain the AC filters: Regular maintenance of your AC filters can significantly reduce another blown fuse. Wash the filters under running water to clean them. If cleaning the filters is impossible or you see any rips or damages, replace the filters.
  • Upkeep for the outside unit: Maintain your outside unit by regularly clearing it of trash, dirt, grass clippings, and leaves. Periodically checking your external unit is essential because a blocked unit might prohibit your air conditioner from operating effectively. Cleaning your outdoor unit can be done with the help of a sturdy brush. You can also use a water hose spray to clear away leaves, grass, and dirt.
  • Check your AC unit frequently: Have a skilled professional check out your air conditioner at least once a year, preferably before the warmer months arrive. You can find and address potential problems and keep your unit in good working order by completing a comprehensive check.


Knowing the source of the issue and being completely aware of your choices is vital. Get a second opinion if you feel under pressure to make a purchase. We can help! Contact C & L Heating & Air at 502-969-7016 for AC repair in Louisville.