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What Are The Most Common AC Problems?

Air conditioners are essential, particularly in areas that experience high heat in the summer and winter. When our air conditioner breaks down, people face uneasiness, and the possibility of costly AC repair in Louisville increases.

However, by understanding a few clear indications your device exhibits before breaking down entirely, you can better address them timely to avoid costly repairs or replacements. 

Understanding Some Common Air Conditioner Problems

Here are some prevalent air conditioner problems that homeowners face. 

The AC Remote Isn't Working

If your AC remote controller is not functioning, you should begin by inspecting the batteries inside the wireless controller. If these batteries are in a working condition, see if the IR sensor stands coated. However, if it still does not work, it is better to seek professional assistance. 

Water is Leaking Outside the Room

An air conditioner will discharge a small amount of water outside the room during standard operating conditions. During a warm day, that water usually evaporates. However, if you notice an unusual quantity of water outside your home from your air conditioner, it could be because you have set the temperature too low.

The issue may also arise if the air conditioner gets installed incorrectly. So if the problem arises due to improper AC installation in Louisville, you should contact a professional AC installer before the issue turns into the most significant one.

Exceptionally High Electricity Bills

Do you have abnormally high power bills? It is one of the most common AC problems people encounter. Also, when this happens, your air conditioner may consume more power than usual, leading to high electricity bills. For instance, if you leave doors or windows exposed, it could be due to insufficient insulation.
Therefore, keeping your room’s windows and doors closed and soundproof is better. You can learn how to save energy while using an air conditioner here. If you do not monitor and maintain your air conditioner, it may also consume an unusually high amount of- power.

Make sure to have your air conditioner serviced every six months, where you get your air filters cleaned, drain pipe obstructions removed, and refrigerant leaks checked. 

The Air Conditioner is Banging, Buzzing, Clicking, or Humming

Everything is usually alright if your air conditioner makes a low humming sound. However, if it continues to make loud banging, buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds, your air conditioner may have some issues.
If the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is banging, it is feasible that fan blades or other sections have become loose or are not operating correctly. In addition, a loud buzzing sound could indicate clogged air filters, dirt in your air conditioner’s indoor or outdoor unit, or loose parts.

It’s normal to hear clicking sounds when turning on or off your air conditioner. However, if you continue to hear tapping sounds, there may be an issue with the AC’s internal electrical components. 


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