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What Are Some Common Home Furnace Problems?

When it comes to installing a heating system that provides optimum comfort in low winter temperatures, the best option that comes to mind is a furnace. Due to increased usage and age of the system, the unit can begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear. When you ignore a furnace problem, it turns into something bigger and more costly to repair. It is necessary to address common home furnace problems to avoid expensive repair costs in the future.

Expert’s Solution to Fix and Resolve Common Home Furnace Problems

Below we have addressed 10 common furnace problems with their possible solution.

  • Improper Working

A furnace system might work improperly, deliver inefficient services, and disturb surroundings with loud noises. The culprit here is poor maintenance. It is a sign the furnace system is demanding maintenance and tune-up services to perform optimally.

  • Short Cycling

The furnace system shortens when the heating process abruptly stops in the middle of the operation. It could be due to a clogged air filter, improper thermostat settings, or in the worst case damaged ignition system.

  • Rattling or Screeching Noise

A furnace might make a rattling or screeching noise if a loose or broken component revolves freely inside the furnace system. It may be a sign of wear and tear on the blower belt. It is best to call us for heating installation in Louisville if you see rusty components.

  • Electric Ignition or Pilot Light Issue

Several issues like thermocouple malfunctioning, flame sensor misalignment, drafts, and other issues can cause the pilot flame to die. Let an expert deal with the ignition system issues because one mistake and your furnace will not work again until it is repaired.

  • The Furnace System Does not Switch On

If you have difficulty switching on your furnace, the problem is probably with the thermostat or furnace capacitor. You can replace the batteries and check the wiring to ensure they are not the problem.

  • Insufficient Heating

If the room temperature does not feel like the thermostat temperature, it can be due to blocked vents, a faulty motor, or leakage in the duct system.

  • The Furnace Blower Runs Continuously

    There might be issues with the limit switch. Our technician for heating repair in Louisville will replace it.
  • Banging Noises

There might be a delayed furnace ignition or issues in the duct system, which is why you hear a banging noise.

  • Excessive Dust in the Household

Our experts recommend cleaning the furnace system thoroughly and replacing the air filter to avoid excessive dust.


Scheduling maintenance service when autumn is about to end is the best time. Call one of the best service providers for heater replacements in Louisville– C&L Heating and Air Conditioning. Call (502) 969-7016, and our experts will give you the best installation quote at competitive prices.