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Top Tips For Heating Up Your Home And How To Save Money

Long-term energy bill savings are also important, especially because of the increasing cost of living. You can take some simple measures to keep your home warm without increasing your heating costs. If you make a few adjustments to your daily habits to conserve energy, these modifications might provide significant cost savings. C & L Heating & Air Company provides excellent energy-efficient heating service and repair in the Louisville area.

Energy-Efficient Tips For Heating Your Home.

  • Remove The Buildup

The accumulation of sludge and debris can damage pumps, motorized valves, and other system components. It might hinder the heating system from operating as efficiently as possible and lead to costly heating repair in the Louisville area. You can remove this accumulation or buildup, or a Power flush will clean the system at no additional cost. 

  • Install a Magnetic Filter

You can install a magnetic system filter to eliminate any particles before it causes problems. Some boiler manufacturers may recommend the installation of a magnetic filter, and for warranties longer than five years, some of these manufacturers may demand the installation of a magnetic filter.

  • Timers On The Central Heating System 

You should program your boiler to begin heating your home a bit early, such as thirty minutes before you rise in the morning, but at a lower temperature. It is because it costs more to start the heating at a higher degree before you need it since a boiler heats up at the same rate whether the thermostat is set at 20 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Clean Or Replace The Filters

If the filter is clogged, your heating expenditures will rise and cause costly repairs from a professional technician in Louisville. If necessary, it is in your best interest to replace your filter every month. The annual furnace maintenance is more than worth the money saved.

  • Do Not Skip Heating Maintenance

You are responsible for maintaining the boiler’s efficiency and making it work longer. Call C & L Heating & Air Company for heating service in Louisville if it hasn’t been serviced in a while. As a result of your system functioning more efficiently, you may be able to achieve cost savings. 

  • Utilize Space Heaters

Instead of warming the entire house, these will quickly and evenly heat the room you are in. Portable space heaters are convenient and cost-effective because they can be programmed to turn on and off at particular periods. 

  • Maximize your insulation

Approximately 25% of heat is thought to be lost through the roof. Installing loft insulation with a thickness of 25 cm is a straightforward solution to reduce this amount. Uninsulated walls allow approximately one-third of a home’s heat to escape. Even though it is more expensive to install than loft insulation, cavity wall insulation has the potential to save annual heating expenses by up to 160 pounds.


Maintaining your heating system to work at optimal performance  is important for energy consumption and cost savings. If you have any issues with your HVAC system, contact C & L Heating & Air Conditioning Inc Company. Our experts will reach you immediately and resolve all your issues.