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Should you Cover your AC Unit in the Summer?

Maintaining your heating and cooling system is essential during pivotal climatic conditions. Air conditioners are tuned up in the spring, and heating systems are tuned up in the fall. You may also wonder if you need to cover outdoor air conditioning units once the weather turns cold or hot.

AC Unit in the Summer

Outdoor unit: Protecting your AC condenser

  • The system is designed to withstand rain and snow, but it does not keep out leaves, grass clippings, pollen, seeds, or dust. Leaves or seeds can create a place where moisture gathers, which then causes corrosion in your air conditioning service in Louisville. Besides that, it can block the flow of any water drain your system is integrated with.
  • You should partially cover your air conditioner’s top. Creating a cover yourself will require a side length of around 6 inches. Regardless, it shouldn’t cover the entire thing. Otherwise, you might get into trouble.
  • When your system is completely covered, moisture will be trapped inside, resulting in rust and deterioration.

Here's Why you Don't Need to Cover your Air Conditioner

Certain things around homes are usually covered to keep the natural situations (weather) at bay. If you’re wondering if you should cover your outside air conditioner, it doesn’t need to be covered.

A cover is believed to protect and shield the air conditioner system from: 

• Dust and Debris

The air is drawn in as the system is turned on, bringing in the dirt. When the cooling fins are turned off, dirt and other particles will enter in and settle on the fins. 

• Snow, Ice, and Cold Weather

The outdoor cooling units are built to withstand these extreme winter weather conditions, which eliminates the need for a cover. 

• Wetness

The condenser coils of an air conditioner can freeze, resulting in damage over time. It is impossible to prevent moisture from accumulating completely. There is a high likelihood of moisture entering the room, either due to humidity or as a result of the wind. 

By covering the entire system with a cover, you are trapping the wetness, which can then cause mold to grow. This is a reason why you should avoid using a cover. 

• Rodents

The cover will not keep away small animals. On the contrary, your cover can provide animals with a new place to live to escape the harsh weather. Rodents, as well as other small animals, have a habit of getting into very small spaces. 

Air conditioners are designed to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you do not need to cover your unit. If you’re around Louisville and need an air conditioner installed, contact C & L Heating & Air for ductless service in Louisville. If you need repairs, you can get air conditioning repair.

Get in touch with us if you think there is a problem with your heating or air conditioning system. We can assess your system and determine what you need. Ultimately, we wish to keep you cool and comfortable all summer and vice versa in winter by providing reliable AC repair in Louisville