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How To Prepare Your HVAC Unit For Summer Season?

Preparing your air conditioner in Louisville will not take long, but ensuring the system runs effectively throughout the summer is essential. Regular maintenance will also lower your energy consumption and operating expenses.

HVAC Unit For Summer Season

Five Quick And Simple Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer.

  • Replace your AC filter: One of the best ways to make your air conditioning repair in Louisville system run as efficiently as possible is to clean the filter. A clogged filter can make your AC unit work harder, resulting in higher energy costs and a shorter system lifespan. Cleaning your filter also contributes to improving indoor air quality by capturing germs, bacteria, and other contaminants that may be present in the environment.
  • You should clean condenser coils: Remove the cover from your condenser unit if it was kept covered over the winter so it can breathe. There probably won’t be much debris to remove in this particular case. You’ll probably have to remove a bigger pile of leaves, yard waste, and dirt than you otherwise would if you didn’t cover it. Condenser coils that resemble radiators must be kept clean because the air passes through them. 
  • Look for leaks in the air ducts: Despite having their air conditioning systems inspected by professionals, we have heard homeowners complain about poor cooling. Check your ducting if you want to stay comfortable this summer. Before the season starts, fix any leaks you find. Air ducts can leak for various reasons, including corrosion, building renovation, poor contractor installation, a manufacturer’s design flaw, and pests.
  • Get your thermostat ready for summer: In particular, check the air conditioning thermostat during the startup cycle to ensure it is operating properly. The best course of action is to invest in an advanced thermostat, which enables you to set thermostat settings to change automatically during the day. Additionally, smart thermostats can be set to turn on when you get home from work and shut off when no one is home, thereby consuming less energy.
  • Plan professional AC service: Contacting your Louisville AC service provider for a planned AC tune-up is essential. It is so that all of the air conditioner’s parts, such as the fan, coils, interior air handler, compressor, and other parts, can be thoroughly cleaned by AC technicians. Routine maintenance makes the air conditioner run more effectively while providing the necessary cooling.

Contact Expert In Louisville For AC Service.

If you wait till the summer to set up your air conditioner for summer use, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that you could avoid. This time of year, technicians are frequently overworked, so schedule a tune-up appointment as soon as you can before the real rush starts.

At C & L Heating & Air, we offer AC installation, AC service, and AC replacement in Louisville to keep your cooling system running smoothly throughout the summer. Call us right away to schedule a tune-up appointment with our skilled experts.