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How Many Hours Should AC Run In Summer?

While some homeowners remain concerned that their air conditioner is running endlessly, others remain concerned that their device is working insufficiently. So do you know what’s ‘common’ for an air conditioning unit cycle when there are so many air conditioners on the market and different residence requirements?

In ideal conditions, an air conditioner should run for 15-20 minutes at one time in warm weather. If it runs any less, your AC may be too large for your home. Thus to avoid such air conditioning issues, it is better to call a professional for your air conditioning service in Louisville who can further guide you in selecting the right AC size. 

Why is Your Air Conditioner Device Constantly Running?

Here are some reasons your air conditioning device is constantly running. 

Hot Outdoor Temperature

The longer your air conditioning system works to reach your optimum temperature, the hotter the outdoor temperature. It is particularly true when humidity levels are high. You shouldn’t be concerned if your air conditioner runs more frequently on hot days. You can relax as long as the temperature inside is pleasant and cool air comes from your ventilation system. 

Inaccurate Thermostat Setting

The higher your thermostat temperature is, the longer your air conditioning system will have to operate to attain the desired temperature.

While you may prefer your home to be as cool as potential, adjusting your thermostat by two or three degrees will reduce your air conditioner’s execution speed and save you a little money on your electricity bill while keeping the home cool. 

The Dimensions of Your Air Conditioner

The length of your air conditioner is the essential factor in air conditioner run times. An oversized air conditioner will reduce your run time to less than ten minutes. Short-cycling occurs when your air conditioning system cools your home too rapidly.
The percentage of moisture in your home is also affected by short cycling. Although a big-sized air conditioner would cool the air, it would not dehumidify your home.
That means you will still feel hot and sticky even though your air conditioner is blowing cold air at you. On the other hand, an insufficiently sized air conditioner will have the opposite effect. It is incapable of adequately cooling your home, so it is turning.

Anything more than 20 minutes with little to no temperature change indicates that your air conditioner may be too small. Since it is not the proper size, your AC unit will have a shorter lifespan and require an HVAC technician’s services more frequently. 

Age of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units have a serviceable life like everything else. When you take care of your air conditioner, it will run more efficiently and last longer. On the contrary, an overlooked cooling device conditioner has the opposite effect. It will not cool your home and run longer to reach the desired temperature. 


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