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How Ductless Mini Split Systems Fix Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Most of us rely on our central HVAC systems to keep our homes properly insulated all year around. Uneven heating and cooling are one of the most common issues which can result in uneven hot and cold spots throughout your home.

There is a slew of potential causes for this occurrence. Some of these issues are simple to resolve, while others may be complex. Many local homeowners are taking advantage of ductless service in Louisville as a way to take back control of their home’s climate and eliminate uncomfortable hot and cold spots. 

What Causes Hot and Cold Spots?

There are hot and cold spots in homes because the ductwork doesn’t move air around the house. The ductwork can be accessed and zoned to fix this problem.

A zoning plan divides your house into zones for efficiency. A thermostat is installed in each zone to regulate the temperature in a specific area of the house. Other prominent reasons to have these spots are:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Low insulation
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Incorrect HVAC size
  • An additional room without ductwork

How Does a Ductless System Help?

Ductless mini-splits are zoned systems that eliminate hot and cold spots. One of the main advantages of ductless AC is the ability to divide a home into multiple zones based on individual comfort needs. When you only need to heat or cool a specific area of your home, you don’t have to spend money heating or cooling the rest of the house.

The components of a ductless system include an outdoor unit, an indoor unit mounted on the wall, the ceiling, or the floor, and an interconnection between the three components. Depending on your needs, you can choose between heating and cooling or just cooling, air conditioning service in Louisville can benefit greatly from ductless technology, which you can use in addition to or of them. 

Perks of Installing a Ductless HVAC

Unlike a furnace or air conditioner, a mini-split system does not require ductwork. Outside and inside units are typically mounted on the wall for easy access. To enhance the comfort level in multiple rooms, some models support the installation of multiple interior units.

  • Simple installation
  • Energy-saving
  • Space-saving
  • No ductwork required
  • Modern looks
  • HVAC zones
  • Flexible
  • Low energy loss
  • Quiet functioning
  • Indoor air quality improvement
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cleaner air and humidity control
  • Simple setup

Let the Experts Help You

Superior humidity control provided by ducted systems is an attractive option for homes in hot and humid climates. A well-designed and professionally installed ductless system can significantly reduce the number of hot and cold spots in a house.

If you have hot or cold spots in your house, consider ductless AC installation in Louisville to provide additional heat or cooling. Our experts at C & L Heating & Air Conditioning Inc are well versed with all types of HVAC systems and suggest the best solution for your comfort. Call us at (502) 969-7016 to learn if ductless HVAC technology is right for your home. Contact us today.