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How Do You Know If You Overcharged Your AC?

Unless you are an experienced and licensed technician, analyzing and repairing your AC is quite the work. A standard air conditioner uses a chemical called refrigerant and has three main mechanical components: a compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil.

What Do You Mean By Overcharging An Air Conditioner?

Overcharging is when your appliance is with too much refrigerant. An overcharged AC will show higher pressure and temperature readings. The compressor works harder. Thus, the temperature rises.

Here are the six telltale signs of an overcharged AC

  •  Inefficient Cooling
    It is the first sign that your system will show in case of an error. More of the refrigerant will remain in a liquid state if your AC is overcharged. This reduces the efficiency and prevents it from cooling the room. If the airflow is not cool enough, you can always rely on C & L Heating and Air.

  • Strange Noise from the Compressor
    The compressor might make loud noises while the refrigerant forces itself through nozzles. Loud squealing noises can be coming from the pressure in the air conditioner lines. It can easily damage the sensitive internal parts of your AC.
    Only qualified and licensed AC technicians can fix this problem. Our experts know how to pinpoint such problems quickly and have specialized diagnostic equipment that helps diagnose any electrical problems.

  • High Cost of Operation
    The overall efficiency with which your AC performs decreases. Every air conditioner has been designed to accommodate a certain amount of refrigerant. Extra refrigerant harms the way your system operates. The compressor’s electrical consumption increases if your AC is overcharged, which costs you more money.
    A regular tune-up can prevent this issue. Leave it to us! Our technicians look for wear and tear and prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place.

  • Sticky Indoor Air
    When there is too much refrigerant, switching between liquid and the gaseous state becomes difficult. The evaporator coil will remain at a higher temperature than usual, and water vapor will fail to condense around the coil. It will make the air more humid and stickier, affecting your indoor air quality.

  • Frost Layers
    This part can be a bit tricky. It has two possible reasons, undercharging and overcharging. You can always call an HVAC professional to look at your system. We provide air conditioning repair in Louisville and have been servicing the greater Louisville area for over 38 years.

  • Non-Functioning Air Conditioner
    An overcharged system will eventually stop working if left untreated. It may stem from compressor burning out or overheating of other mechanical components. Our team takes time to keep the internal parts lubricated during our regular maintenance service. The C & L Heating and Air HVAC experts are certified to work with electrical equipment and systems. We will ensure in-depth wiring inspections and proper maintenance checkups.

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