4 Common Air Conditioner Problems |C & L Heating & Air

How Do You Diagnose Air Conditioning Problems?

When your AC troubles you with inefficient cooling, foul smell, and unusual noise, you will get curious why this all happens. There are some common problems with almost all the AC. There are multiple ways to diagnose these common problems.

You can contact C & L Heating and Air service for a quick AC diagnosis test and for a AC repair in Louisville. Besides taking an expert’s help, you can check the following ways to troubleshoot your AC problems.

The Common Problems With An Air Conditioning System:

Build Up Dirt and Debris

When you neglect frequent cleaning of the condenser coil and air filter, the dirt and debris accumulate, resulting in blockage. The most common consequence of a dirty air filter and the condenser coil is overheating, which shortens the lifespan of your AC and increases the burden on your pocket with high utility bills and repair charges.

Low Cooling

When you feel that your AC is not cooling the room evenly or is blowing hot air, the refrigerant leakage is causing this issue. To find the leakage, you have to inspect your AC unit and seal it soon. Rotted insulators also contribute to this trouble. Replace the insulation on time.

While installing the new insulators, make sure you order the accurate size that fits your AC pipe well and covers it whole. The damaged compressor also causes refrigerant leakage. If your AC unit produces unusual noise and a bad odor, the compressor needs urgent replacement.

Unable to Turn it On

Does your AC suddenly stop working? The main reason for this problem can be a tripped circuit breaker. You need to look for the AC label in your circuit breaker in this situation. Just push it to the off position, wait for a few seconds and then turn it on again. Your circuit breaker will reset. If the problem continues even after this, then loose or broken wire can be the reason. Consult a technician to fix it.

Thermostat Issues

The inefficiency of thermostats gives rise to many AC problems. The most common problems with the thermostat are:

  • Unsuitable location
  • Inaccurate temperature setting
  • Old and need replacement

Locate the thermostat away from the reach of direct sunlight. If the location is correct, try resetting the thermostat. Still facing the issue? Call the HVAC experts to check, repair, or replace the thermostat.

Some other problems that cause AC malfunctioning are clogged drain lines, ductwork leakage, and absence of servicing.

Ways to Maintain The Efficiency of AC

  • Make sure you clean the AC filter, condenser coil, and drain pipes often
  • Contact technician for timely AC servicing
  • Replace the inefficient thermostat and compressor
  • Make sure that the main power supply wiring is accurate

To get a reliable, easy, and affordable AC repair solution, you can take the help of C & L Heating and Air solutions experts. We are a AC replacement in Louisville provider, and we assure you that your worries will vanish. Consult our expert team and fix your AC problem soon by scheduling a service call.