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8 Heating tips for cozy homes during winters

Since the winters are approaching, it is getting chilly out there, and keeping ourselves warm is our top priority. There are a lot of heating services in Louisville, but C & L Heating & Air provide the best services for residential, commercial, and new construction sites. We cover services in Louisville, Mount Washington, Shepherdsville, KY, and their neighboring places.

It does get cold in Louisville, and many residents look for some tips and tricks to keep their house warm and toasty. Here are certain tips to keep your indoor environment warm and cozy while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Essential Winter Heating Tips:


  • Temperature Setting

For every degree below 70, you save up to 5% on your heating cost. Keeping the temperature at 68 degrees saves up to 10% of your heating cost. And not turning off the heater while you are away as it takes more energy to bring your house to a comfortable temperature.

  • Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature when you are asleep or at work to conserve energy and increase the temperature when you are home to feel comfortable.

  • Increase Ceiling Insulation

If the ceiling is not insulated correctly, it lets warm air out, causing the thermostat to keep the temperature up, increasing heating costs continuously. For optimum results, consider increasing your insulation to R-38.

  • Prevent Heat Loss From Fireplaces

A fireplace can be romantic and cozy, but it loses most of the heat. An open fireplace causes cold air to flow into the house. Make sure the flue is closed when the fireplace isn’t in use and help keep the heated air in your home and not outside.

  • Seal Ducts

Check the tightness of air ducts. They can be responsible for losing the heat from the house. Fix any sorts of leaks by installing weather-stripping doors and windows. Electrical items in the exterior wall also cause heat loss as there are gaps around water pipes as they pass through the walls. Make sure to seal those cracks to avoid any loss of heat.

  • Wear Warm Clothes

As absurd as it sounds, wearing layers of clothing helps you lower your gas bill during winter. A lot of websites recommend setting the temperature to 70 degrees. Wearing warm layers can help you stop feeling too cold and not raise the thermostat temperature. Therefore lowering your gas bill.

  • Add Layers to the Floor

Just like adding more layers on ourselves, we can add rugs and carpets to keep the room warm. It is said that bare floors can cause 10% of heat loss. Carpets and rugs not only add beauty to your living room but can also be of some use as they are insulators.

  • Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Installing radiator valves save 40% of the energy of a house with no controls. These work by allowing you to program your heart on predefined times. That is, you only use energy when you want to and control them with the help of your cell phones.

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