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5 Ways to Improve Your Heat Pump’s Performance

Heat pumps are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce energy costs. These systems are incredibly energy-efficient, can fit in small places, eliminate the need for fuel, and even function as air conditioners when it becomes hot outside. 

Heat pumps, like any other HVAC equipment, require routine maintenance to operate at optimal efficiency for as long as feasible. These HVAC systems are easier to maintain. Our heat pump installation in Louisville have suggested some easy ways to maintain your heat pump system. 

Five Ways To Ensure Your Heat Pump Runs Smoothly And Efficiently!

Here are some ways you can use to ensure your heat pump works for more than a decade and runs with optimal efficiency:

  • Keep Your System Running.

Contrary to furnaces, which should not be left running for lengthy periods, running your heat pump all year is undoubtedly more economical. Switching between a heat pump and other HVAC equipment can boost your rates unnecessarily. 

It is best to avoid increasing the temperature to extreme values because it would not benefit. However, it will use a lot more energy and lead to a surge in electricity bills and heating problems that might need our heat pump repair in Louisville to fix. 

  • Install A Smart Thermostat.

Using a smart thermostat, you can make the absolute most of your heating system without wasting money or energy. A smart thermostat is designed to understand your household’s patterns and adjust heating and cooling based on when a building is occupied. 

Installing a smart thermostat developed specifically for a heat pump system will help you assure comfort and savings by turning off your system when you are not home and assisting you in developing a schedule to ensure a consistent temperature.

  • Remember To Replace Your Air Filter Regularly.

A clogged filter compels your system to circulate work harder to achieve the desired temperature, resulting in higher energy costs. You might need to call our heat pump installation expert in Louisville more often than expected if you keep using the heat pump with a clogged air filter. 

For heat pumps, cleaning or replacing the filter every three months is necessary, especially if the system is used all year. A clean filter extends your system’s life while ensuring acceptable indoor air quality.

  • Always Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean. 

Keeping the outdoor unit clean can help prevent debris from entering the air intake, reducing strain on the fan motor and helping maintain peak efficiency.

The outdoor unit must also be able to circulate air effectively. Eliminate the fallen leaves and debris around your system regularly to ensure peak performance.

  • Bi-Annual Maintenance Services Are The Best!

Heat pumps are energy-efficient and easy to maintain, however, a professional tune-up twice a year is always advisable. Regular maintenance will help keep your heat pump running efficiently and safely.


It is best to call our heating repair in Louisville at the beginning of the summer and winter to maintain and inspect your heat pump system. Heat pumps can work for more than 15 years if, along with DIY maintenance, they are professionally maintained by our experts. 

C & L Heating & Air Conditioning Inc technicians can help you provide affordable and cost-effective maintenance plans to maintain your heat pump efficiency and performance. Call (502) 969-7016 and schedule a service today!