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3 Problems Caused By An Oversized Air Conditioner

3 Problems Caused By An Oversized Air Conditioner:

If the Air Conditioner is regularly used by your home, you may have at least one of the following three issues:

  • Your air conditioner immediately switches on and off.
  • Your air conditioner is not eliminating humidity.
  • You have significantly higher energy costs. There are ways to repair them.

Let’s Start with the Most Fundamental Issue.

Your air conditioner quickly turns on and off.

  • Does your air conditioner chill your home in 10 minutes or less on a hot afternoon?

The Conditioner not Eliminating Humidity.

  • One of the functions of your air conditioning system is to remove humidity from the air in your house: Air Conditioning the AC unit and checking for AC repairs in Louisville is essential during the hot summers .
  • For an appropriately sized AC, indoor humidity levels should be approximately 30–50%. However, to dehumidify the air in your house, your air conditioner must run normal-length cycles.
  • Therefore, if your home seems exceptionally humid, it might be because your air conditioner is oversized

Your Energy Expenses have Increased.

The first issue indicates that an enormous air conditioner will frequently chill your home quickly before shutting off.

This not only wears down your AC components but can also boost your energy expenses.

Your air conditioner has many motors that power various components (like the compressor and blower). And all of these motors consume more electricity when they start-up than when they operate. So, if your air conditioner turns on and off frequently, the engines in your air conditioner are using more electricity than they should, raising your energy expenses.
It is likely the technician who installed your AC did not do a “cooling load estimate.”

A Cooling Load Estimate Considers Things Such As:

  • Your house’s square footage
  • Your home’s amount of rooms
  • Your home’s number of windows and doors
  • The environment in which you live
  • Your home’s insulation levels
  • The state of your home’s ducting (does it have leaks?)and a lot more

A technician can only provide an appropriate recommendation for an AC size for your house if all of the considerations mentioned above are considered. Unfortunately, many AC installation in Louisville don’t know how to make a cooling load estimate or omit it while installing a new air conditioner.

Contact a professional to examine your air conditioner and calculate the cooling demand. Only then will you be told if your existing air conditioner is oversized.

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